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Hardman Grand Piano- 5’1″ With QRS Pianomation III

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Why Hardman

More Tradition – More Piano – More Piano Value

• Hardman Peck was the official piano of the Franklin D. Roosevelt White House

• Hardman Peck was also the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in the early part of the 20th century

• Hardman Peck offers performance and styling features not found on many pianos

European Scale Design

  •             Premium hammer felts for a rich, full tone
  •             A responsive action to meet the demands of any pianist
  •             Larger rim construction and bracing
  •             Precision fit tuning pins to ensure tuning stability
  •             All grand pianos feature a sostenuto pedal, an important
    performance feature especially to the classical pianist
  •             Steinway-style spade legs with large casters
  •             Beveled lids on grand pianos and most vertical pianos

The PNOmation Player System

All of QRS’s PNOmation Player Piano Systems are designed to complement the life of your piano. Since you will more than likely own the piano for a long time or want to sell it at a reasonable value you’ll want to know that the player inside compliments its life. There are three things to look at in that respect – the components – are they built to tolerances and with materials that can handle the various climates and conditions while being played over a long period of time, the manufacturers history of offering an upgrade path to the latest technology without an expensive replacement, the manufactures history in the business and the music library. QRS’s PNOmation is the only system that since its introduction has been offering a migration path to the latest technology. Its use of the finest components allow the customer the confidence to move forward with an upgrade with knowledge that the rest of the system remains solid. QRS’s use of longer fully encased solenoids with Teflon impregnated solenoid plungers delivers much more accurate control over the range of motion. They also resist corrosion and are self-lubricating. A lost motion cap on the bottom insures proper throw, that without can never guarantee you are delivering the dynamic called for. Next is dynamics – a longer plunger and solenoid delivers more accurately the dynamic called out for in the music. This dynamic can be of the new standard HD MIDI or the old MIDI. QRS supports both.

 The PNOmation Playback Bundle

  • Includes all you need to have your piano play itself.
  • PNOmation Playback Engine, Controller and Processor.
  • Speaker for background music.
  • WiFi interface for network integration or stand alone mode.
  • Pin Light Port Extension (PLx) – Status, I/O Ports, USB, Headphones, Mic or Laptop.
  • Voice Prompt feedback.
  • IR Remote.
  • SingAlong.